About Urban Choice Charter School


The mission of the Urban Choice Charter School is to provide Rochester students with a safe, supportive, and intellectually challenging educational environment. We believe that strong student-teacher relationships are essential to student motivation, engagement, and achievement. This philosophy, in combination with authentic efforts at family involvement, and the effective teaching of a rich, rigorous, and engaging curriculum, will enable students to build a strong foundation for college and career readiness, exceed state achievement standards and defy the demographic challenges of poverty.



The Urban Choice Charter School was founded in 2005 by a group of Rochester citizens who had spent many years in the Rochester City School District as administrators, teachers and parents. They envisioned Urban Choice as a place that would inspire and address the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social aspects of all its students. It was founded on the principle that strong teacher-student relationships, a balanced curriculum and a supportive environment, are central to educational achievement. Sixteen years later, these tenets continue to guide Urban Choice's leaders, teachers and staff.