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Urban Choice Charter School is currently hiring teachers for grades K-5. To learn more about open positions, please click the link below.


Urban Choice is seeking to add members to our Board of Trustees, particularly individuals with experience in education, human resources, and/or finance. Board members:

  • Conduct or direct the affairs of the Corporation and exercise its powers, subject to applicable provisions of the Education Law and the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law (NPCL), the Corporation’s Charter and Bylaws.

  • Hold final authority and responsibility for policy and operational decisions of the School, though the Board shall delegate day-to-day decision-making authority to the CEO.

  • Oversee the work of the CEO, who  reports to the Board and performs such duties as the Board may properly direct.

Term: Three years with Bylaws limiting members to two consecutive full terms.

Pay: Volunteer

Job Type: Part-time

Openings: Five

Schedule: Monthly meeting (second Thursday evening), committee meetings TBD

Benefits: None; Volunteer Service Opportunity

Work Location: Urban Choice Charter School, Virtual Meetings

TO APPLY: Please send resume and cover letter to Lynn Seaberg, Executive Assistant to the CEO


The Human Resource Coordinator Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all administrative activities related to UCCS personnel. Duties include developing and implementing a recruitment plan for hiring and on-boarding high quality teachers and staff members, managing, and coordinating benefits, payroll and onboarding new employees.


The Director of Curriculum and Instruction directs, administers, and coordinates the instructional program for K through 8th grade. The Director provides instructional support, coaching and professional development to teachers as they work to implement the New York Next Generation Learning Standards. In addition, the Director works with teachers to support best practices in using data, provide analysis of grade-level trends in instruction and use both student performance and instructional trend data to make recommendations about potential next steps to address areas of need.


This position is responsible for creating, enriching, and maintaining a dynamic classroom environment for grades K 5 with a math/science focus to ensure high levels of student engagement and performance. This position supports the mission of UCCS and works to achieve the goals described in the charter.


As a Middle School Math teacher you will support students as they build strong foundational skills in the areas of fractions, decimals, negative and positive numbers and basic geometry. Building basic computation skills, including word problems is a necessity for the future academic success at UCCS students. 


The Special Education teachers oversee the education of students assigned to them with various disabilities as defined in their Individual Education Plan. The Special Education teacher will design and deliver lessons geared towards the individual needs and capabilities of the students under their supervision.


Teaching assistants help teachers prepare and execute lessons for the students. They are essential in helping with the supervision of students and maintaining records such as attendance and grades. The ideal candidate for this position enjoys working with children, understands how they learn and is dedicated to creating a nurturing learning atmosphere for every student.

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